Lahna jointed varnished boat oars

Lahna Jointed Varnished Boat Oars

 Lahna jointed varnished boat oars, split in the centre via a push button, built in oars collar, 1.95 metres long. Rowing, Canoe, Kayak

On offer at only £38.99 per pair



Telescopic Aluminium Paddles

 Telescopic Aluminium Paddles

Quality telescopic aluminium paddles suitable for tenders and small rowing boats with marine grade aluminium shaft and polypropylene blades. Were room is a problem these paddles will telescope from 28” - 42”.

Was  £21.99 now only £18.99


Boat Oar Collars 45mm

Boat Oar Collars 45mm

45mm oar collars, Boat rowing protective oar collars available in 45mm.

Was £5.99 each now only £4.99



boat oar collars 35mm


 Boat Oar Collars 35mm

Boat oar collars 35mm, Boat rowing oar protective collars available in 35mm.

Was £4.99 each now only £3.99



plastic rowlocks


Plastic Rowlocks

Plastic rowlocks made from nylon, with top mounted rowlock holder with 2 countersunk fixing. Black Nylon, 48mm jaw opening, Total length 140mm.

Sold Singular.

Was £9.99 now only £8.99



galvanized oarlocks rowlocks



Galvanized Oarlocks Rowlocks

10mm in diameter galvanized oarlocks rowlocks with plates

Was  £14.99 now only £12.99